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If you are interested in having a Web Design, completing this questionnaire provides us with information and does not obligate you to anything.

Clicking the submit button at the button of this form will cause an automatic email to be sent to info@poyt.com.
Your system may generate warning messages to advise you of this. If you get a pop up message, please click the OK button on the message to allow the information to be sent back to us.

We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your information.


1. What is the purpose of developing (or redesigning) your website?

Select all that apply.

Provide information regarding a club or sporting association

To share photos and personal information

To attract visitors and sell advertising

To sell products/service directly (e-commerce)

To generate interest in your products/service (identify prospects)

To enhance our credibility by establishing an Internet presence

To improve customer service

To facilitate company communication


2. List some of the objectives in designing your site

3. What type of image do you want to communicate?

Select all that apply.

Conservative Friendly Bright International

Soft Warm Exciting Pastel Cool

Corporate Child Intellectual Useful Funny

Hi-tech Eye Catching Family Academic


4. Describe the emotion you want to communicate:

5. What information do you want to collect from your visitors:

6. What have you seen at other sites that you'd like to incorporate?

(Supply URL with descriptions.)

7. Do you have any graphics you would like us to utilise?

Yes No

8. Do you have brochures or other information that would help us develop your site's content?

Yes No

9. What components would you like? Check all that apply.

Product/Service Info Links Guestbook About Company

News Discussion Forum FAQ's Flash Animation Video

Shopping Cart Survey/Poll Audio Database Function

Banner Ads Site Stats Chat Graphics Feedback form


10. Do you need help developing a logo?

Yes No

11. Do you need help with content creation? (Writing or rewriting for the web)

Yes No

12. Do you want custom graphics?

Yes No

13. How important is it to you to get a high ranking on Yahoo, Google or other big search engines?

Not very important Somewhat important Extremely important

14. How aggressively have you promoted your site to search engines

Not at all Somewhat Very aggressively

15. Please list 5 keywords that you think your potential visitors will type into a search engine like Google to find your site:

16. Do you want us to monitor site traffic & make changes to the keywords periodically to increase the number of visitors?

Yes No

17. By what date would you like to launch your site?

18. How often will you make changes to your website?

19. Will you need assistance to update your site?

Yes No

20. How would you rate your web development understanding?

21. What level of input do you want to give?

22. Have you registered your domain name?

Yes No

23. What is your domain name (or what would you like it to be)?
eg. yourbusiness.com.au

24. Contact information:

Name: Company:

Phone#: Fax#:



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