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Windows Vista Performance Tweaks
There are a number of configuration changes you can make to your Windows Vista set up to improve your system performance. Try some, or all of these changes listed below.

Turn off Automatic Disk Defragmentation
Windows Vista defragment feature can cause system slow down.
To disable this:

  • Click Start then Computer
  • Right Click the C: Drive
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the Tools Tab
  • Click on Defragment Now
  • Uncheck Run on a schedule
  • Remember to regularly run a defrag manually.

    Turn off Windows Search Indexing
    Windows Vista search indexing is constantly reviewing files on your system to make their contents available for quick searching. This is handy, but can severely impact system performance.
    To disable constant indexing:

  • Click Start then Computer
  • Right Click the C: Drive
  • On General Tab, Uncheck Index this drive for faster searching
  • On the subsequent dialog box, Select Include subfolders and files
  • Turn off Windows Hibernation
    Windows hibernation background services can use a large amount of system resources. If you don't use the Hibernate feature on a regular basis you may want to disable it to give Vista a performance boost.
    To disable Hibernation:

  • Select the Control Panel then Power Options
  • Click Change Plan Settings
  • Click on Change Advanced Power Settings
  • Expand the Sleep selection
  • Expand the Hibernate After selection
  • Set the selector to zero
  • Click Apply
  • Disable User Access Control
    This much-loathed new Vista feature attempts to protect your system from malware infection by making you manually confirm a whole host of everyday user operations. While it doesn't directly impact performance, it can be annoying and might be more hassle than good.
    To disable User Access Control:

  • Click Start then Control Panel
  • Select User Accounts
  • Select Turn User Account Control on or off
  • Uncheck User Account Control Box
  • Restart as recommended
  • Disable excess Windows Services that Auto-Launch at Startup
    Vista comes with all kinds of services enabled that load at startup and may never be used by most users.

  • Click Start then Control Panel
  • Select Administrative Tools
  • Choose System Configuration
  • Click the Services Tab
  • Most users can safely deselect:
    • Offline Files (unless you're using Offline File Sync)
    • Tablet PC Input Service (unless you have a tablet PC)
    • Terminal Services
    • Windows Search (If you have already disabled indexing)
    • Fax (unless you're using a fax modem)

    Disable Excess Windows Features
    Windows Vista comes with other features that are listed separately in the Vista operating system from the startup services.

  • Click your Start menu, then Control Panel.
  • Select Program Features.
  • On the left panel, select Turn Windows Features on or off.
  • >
  • Most users can safely deselect:
    • Indexing Service
    • Remote Differential Compression
    • Tablet PC Optional Components
    • Windows DFS Replication Service
    • Windows Fax and Scan
    • Windows Meeting Space (unless you use the Live Meeting Service)

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