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Completing this questionnaire provides us with information to enable us to understand your requirements to be able to better assist you and does not obligate you to anything.

Clicking the submit button at the button of this form will cause an automatic email to be sent to info@poyt.com.
Your system may generate warning messages to advise you of this. If you get a pop up message, please click the OK button on the message to allow the information to be sent back to us.

We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your information.


1. Are you

Upgrading an existing system
Purchasing a new system

1b. Is this regarding a Desktop or Laptop?

Not Sure

2. How much RAM do you need?

2 GB
4 GB
Don't know or no change required

3. What sized Hard Disk do you require?

160 GB
320 GB
500 GB
1 TB
Don't know (see 3a) or no change required

3a. What type of files will you be storing? Check all that apply.

Word Documents Spreadsheets Photos MP3s

Games Video Files Emails

4. What processor speed do you require?

2 GHz
2.5 GHz
3 GHz
3.2 GHz
Don't know or no change required

6. Do you want to play graphic intensive games?

Yes No

7. What software do you require? Check all that apply.

Windows Vista Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook)

Microsoft Access Abobe Acrobat Winzip

CD Burning Software MP3 creating software Photo Editing Software

Video Editing Software File Sharing Software Web Page Creation Software


8. What type of drives do you need?

Floppy Disk Drive
CD Read Only
CD Writer (Burner)
DVD Read Only
Combination CD Writer / DVD Read Only
Combination CD / DVD Writer (Burner)
USB key
External Hard Drive

9. Do you need help with internet connections?

Yes No

10. Do you want wireless networking?

Yes No

11. Do you need printers or scanners?

Printer only Printer-Scanner Combo Scanner only No thanks

12. Do you have any other requirements (eg Cabling)?

13. When do you need your system installed?

14. Do you need any formal or informal training? Give details:

15. Contact information:

Name: Company:



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