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We now offer a number of local services to customers in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

We perform PC Repairs, PC Purchase Assistance, System Upgrades, Audio & Image Digitisation and Virus Removal.

We have a dedicated team of nerds and computer geeks to help you out with all of your technology needs.

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PC Repairs, Upgrades & Virus Removal
If you have a PC system that is out of action, we offer onsite repair of hardware, software configuration and virus removal.

PC Purchase Assistance
Looking to purchase a new PC or laptop? Confused by the techno-babble from salesmen? Worried about paying for loads of extras that you'll never use?
We offer independant, unbiased advice to assist you to purchase a system to suit your needs.

Audio Digitisation
The digital music revolution is here. If you have loads of CDs, Tapes and Records we can convert them to MP3's for you. The cost depends on the type of media, the number of songs and the sound quality of the original. Contact us for a quote.

Image Digitisation
If you have loads of old photos and / or video we can covert your images into digital format. We can scan your photos and create a digital albums and we can convert your old home movies into DVD format. Contact us for more information.

Graphic Design
Need a new logo for your business, or a fresh look and feel for your brochures and stationary?

Web Design
Need a website to promote your business, club, or hobby?

For more details on our services contact us at

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