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Looking to purchase a new PC or laptop? Confused by the techno-babble from salesmen? Worried about paying for loads of extras that you'll never use?

If you live in the South East of Melbourne, then we can help. We offer independent, unbiased advice to assist you to purchase a system to suit your needs.

We will discuss your needs with you, recommend a system configuration and provide assistance to find you the best price available.

We don't have a set of pre-packaged special offers that we are trying to sell, we don't even keep any computers in stock. We offer a puchase assistance scheme, where for a low flat fee we analyse your needs and recommend a computer and associated components to such as printers and routers.

We also offer system configuration and installation services so you can sit back and relax while we do all the work for you. We can arrange training services to help those totally unfamiliar with computer and internet technologies to get up and running.

Just fill out our purchase / upgrade questionnaire, send it in and we'll contact you.

If you are not in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, use the search button below to find a Computer store near you just enter your location and "Computer Sales". For example if you live in Edmonton, enter "Edmonton Computer Sales" .

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