Proton Girl

Proton Girl - Episode Two

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Episode Two


On quiet street, of a big city on a warm, balmy night ...

... Sally blinked at the faulty street light that flickered above her. She'd consumed enough alcohol to make her balance uncertain and her progress was slow as she crossed the road.

The Taxi rank was devoid of cabs and deserted, apart from a group of unwashed youths loitering a near a bench.

Hey baby, wanna ride? One of them shouted, thrusting his hips in her general direction to emphasis that his offer didn't involve any travel on a large vehicle.

Sally chose to ignore them in the hope that they would eventually go away.

Yeah, bend over and I'll drive you home! Another of them snickered, as they gradually moved closer.

Sally looked around uncomfortably. There was nowhere to hide and she couldn't run in her high heels at the best of times, let alone in her present state.

Still they came, closer and closer, leering, jeering and gesticulating. In the distance there was a faint glow.

Come on baby, you know you want it. The glow became brighter as it got closer.

Thank goodness,  thought Sally, mistaking the glow for the headlights of an approaching taxi.

Youths were almost upon her, when all of a sudden the glow disappeared. Sally went pale and the cat calls became deafening.

Then all of a sudden the glow reappeared, brighter than a super nova, and when their eyes adjusted, they saw a woman in a tight red jump suit standing in front of them.

Who the hell are you?

Proton Girl, you idiot!

Proton Girl? Show us your tits!

Listen Puke-Breath, I've just got here and I've already had enough of you.

I suppose a screw is out of the question then.

Don't make me laugh Numb-Nuts, you're no match for me!

Take this then.

One of the Youths stepped up and swung a left hook at Proton Girl, but she evaded his swinging fist with a smile and slipped him a wry grin.

Here's a present, just for you, Nimrod... <KerSplaTT!!!>... the biggest bang of your life!!!

She launched herself at the Youths sending them flying, one landed on a bench, one in the gutter, one smashed against a shop-front window and the other turned and fled.

Wow, thanks Proton Girl, you saved me, you've really struck a blow for Girl Power!

Hey don't misinterperet the situation ... I'm not a man hater - I'm a jerk hater. Whether they're male or female, jerks of this world better beware, I'll kick their ass good and hard if they piss me off.

...Proton Girl turned on her heels and vanished in a blaze of indifference.

Just then a taxi pulled up, Sally got inside and it drove away into the night.


Stay tuned for Episode Three, same Proton Site, later Proton time.

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