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Proton Girl - Episode One

Episode One

In the eerie darkness of an alleyway on the outskirts of town...

... Jimmy Rial cowered behind a Dumpster, under a fire escape ladder, which was just out of his reach - much to his chagrin.

The click of leather-soled shoes on the wet pavement grew louder and louder until they were right upon him. There was a snap of a match being stuck, followed by a flash of light illuminating a smooth, attractive-looking face.

Well, well, well... what do we have here?

I'm sorry Yehudi, please don't hurt me, I'll get you the money soon, I promise!!!

It'slate for that now gutter-sludge.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared out of nowhere, Yehudi looked over his left shoulder, only to feel the sharp point of an elbow in his right side.

I don't normally use violence, but you're a particularly nasty piece of work, and you're not intelligent enough to understand simple logical reasoning.

Yehudi clutched his side and turned to look at the woman that stood before him. She was average height, with a solid build and average looks. She had dark hair, dark eyes and wore a red jumpsuit, with a large "PG" emblem on the chest.

Who the hell are you?

It's Proton Girl you moron!

Jimmy doubled over as Yehudi's Italian leather shoe got intimate with his rib cage.

You're Proton Girl? What a joke! How could you be a Superhero looking like that?

I'm fit, I'm smart, I big-boned and I'm a way better person than you are Dog-Breath.

Okay then, let's see what you've got.

Don't make me laugh Snot-Face, you're no match for me!

Take this then.

Yehudi stepped up and swung a right at Proton Girl, but she eluded his thrust with a smile and slipped him a cheeky wink.

Here's a present, just for you, Bucko... <KaBlaM!!!>... a one way ticket to Loser-ville!!!

Yehudi sailed across the alleyway and landed in the Dumpster - the lid closed on him with a thud.

Wow, thanks Proton Girl, you saved me, I'll love you forever!

Yeah, whatever...

Jimmy puckered up and lunged at Proton Girl...

...Proton Girl turned on her heels and vanished in a blaze of indifference.

A young, slightly overweight girl peeked down at the scene below her from a window in a dingy little apartment above the alleyway.

Wow, I guess I won't need this any more.

A Barbie doll flew across the room and landed in the trashcan with an empty sounding clunk.


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