Ernie the Wonder Buffalo

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Me and my Sweetie

This is my sweetheart, her name is Emily.
Isn't she just the cutest Buffalo you've ever seen?

Here's another shot of Emily.
Don't you think she has a nice ass!!!

Nice peice of Buffalo ass!

Here's Emily with Edward, our first young-un!!!

Hey, go easy down there!    Buffalo tonguey

Here's some shots of our other little ones, Elsie, Edith and the 3 of them with the herd.

Junior Wonder Buffalo Can you see the resemblence?  A pack of chips off the old block!

Here I am havin' a bit of a feed with the young fella.

No we CAN'T have McDonalds!

Here's a picture of my cousin Bob, which goes to prove that even Buffalo have bar hair days!

Lookin pretty Buff

This a rare picture of my Dad, Eddie the Buffalo. I don't want to talk too much about him, we were never really that close ... Careful, he doesn't like to be touched.

Eddie the Buffalo

This is my grandfather Eric as a young Buffalo.

What you looking at?

A family page wouldn't be complete without a pic of my dear old Gran.
What a fantastic goatee - God love her!

God Bless Her

Finally, here's a picture of me as a teenager to turn on all you ladies out there.

Sorry I'm taken!

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