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Electronic Mail, known as email is another example of how modern technology has changed our lives.

Below is an explanation of some of the terms and components associated with email.

Webmail is a method of accessing a mail server using a browser program such as Internet Explorer. Webmail does not involve downloading messages to your computer, it views the messages directly on the server This means that you do not need an email program such as Microsoft Outlook to access your mailbox.

The downside of Webmail is that you Service Provider may limit the size of storage space available for mail and if you do not delete your mail regularly you may exceed your limit and then not be able to accept new messages.

Also know as Junk Mail, SPAM is unsolicited advertising emails. Often Junk Mail messages can contain viruses sent by malicious users.

Simple Message Transfer Protocol - This is protocol run to send email messages. When configuring an email client program such as Microsoft Outlook, part of the configuration for your mailbox is to enter the name of your Service Provider's SMTP host. This is usually of the form To find out what your SMTP server name should be contact your Internet Service Provider.

Post Office Protocol is a protocol used to receive email messages. Often the POP Server name is the same as the SMTP server name, but they can be different Contact your Internet Service Provier to find out which POP Server you should be using for your email service.

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