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Tired of being confused by technical terms such as Mega Bytes, Giga Hertz and USB?

Click here to read our FREE basic training information - Computers Demystified.

Welcome to POYT International Computer Services.

We offer a combination of online design and information services available worldwide, in addition to a wider range of local services for customers in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

We have a dedicated team of nerds and computer geeks to help you out with all of your technology needs.

Our online services are designed to assist people with little or no knowledge of computers to gain an understanding of the basic components of a computer and how they impact the performance of your system.

We also provide a Web Design service that can help you get your business, sporting club or personal web site online quickly and provide a path for growth as your needs grow. Our value added services include graphic design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Locally in Melbourne's south east, we perform PC Repairs, PC Purchase Assistance, Wireless Network Set up, System Upgrades and Virus Removal.

Make a selection from our menu or click on our service links below for more details:

PC Repairs, Upgrades & Virus Removal
If you have a PC system that is out of action, we offer onsite repair of hardware, software configuration and virus removal.

PC Purchase Assistance
Looking to purchase a new PC or laptop? Confused by the techno-babble from salesmen? Worried about paying for loads of extras that you'll never use?
We offer independant, unbiased advice to assist you to purchase a system to suit your needs.

Computers Demystified
Don't know your RAM from your USB? We try to take the mystery out of computing by explaining the main components in basic terms to help you come to terms with the technology that surrounds us.

Graphic Design
Need a new logo for your business, or a fresh look and feel for your brochures and stationary?

Web Design
Need a website to promote your business, club, or hobby? We help you get online fast with a basic website that can be scaled to grow with your needs.

For more details on our services contact us at

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